The Value of In-Person Outplacement

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The Value of In-Person Outplacement

Whether you’re a commercial client buying outplacement support or a job seeker receiving it yourself, spending time with an experienced careers coach could be the key to a successful transition.

With the evolution of online communication there has been an increasing trend towards virtual outplacement, supported by online job search tools, webinars or at best an initial phone conversation.  This may work well for some job seekers but to truly turn the redundancy process into a positive experience for clients and candidates and to help protect an employer’s reputation, time with a career coach can bring some considerable advantages over remote provision.

In-person outplacement offers an opportunity for the career coach to

  • Use their knowledge of the job markets to identify areas for development through questioning and interpretation of skills
  • Mentor the candidate in new skills or direct them to relevant courses and/or training
  • Witness communication styles, body language and offer feedback – particularly relevant for interviews
  • Reassure the candidate and offer psychological support after redundancy
  • Build a trusted working relationship with all parties
  • Open up a dialogue on any personal issues that may delay or hinder job searching
  • Motivate, encourage and inspire the candidate

It offers the candidate the opportunity to

  • Build a relationship with a trusted advisor
  • Practice discussion and presentation of achievement stories and career history
  • Brainstorm alternative career ideas/opportunities
  • Network with the careers coach and explore their connections
  • Gain insight into successes of other job searchers and what worked for them
  • Get a reality check regarding goals and aspirations
  • Role play interviews
  • Have regular meetings which can reduce the feeling of isolation
  • Increase commitment levels and be accountable for job search activity

Most outplacement providers will offer a mixture of individual one-to-one coaching support, group workshops and online career tools.  Remote support programmes will equip a job seeker with the links, sites and tools. For the majority a good careers consultant will exploit all the advantages listed above.  There are no guarantees but a relationship with a good career coach will not only result in a far smoother transition but also provide a valuable contact for life.

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